Last weekend, five of our girls teams travelled South once again to take part in the DPL 2024 Summit. Three of those five (G2007 Elite Blue, G2008 Elite Blue and G2009 Elite) competed in a Champions League-style format that guaranteed a quarterfinal match-up and several consolation contests if they were to bow-out early. Both G2010 and G2011 Elite teams played in a showcase-style event that guaranteed three games.

The DPL's latest high-level event promised excellent competition and a warmer climate for our teams to find their form before their respective Spring Seasons kick-off in April. In an unfortunate turn of events, a 70-year daily rainfall record in the Dallas-Fort Worth area led to the second day of games being cancelled. Coach Jim McGirr did his best to look at the bright side of a rather-gloomy situation, "The weather wasn't agreeable but it lead to some quality team bonding in the hotel, at the mall, cattle drive and plenty of team meals!"

After a resumption of play on day three and a seamless second half of the tournament, our G2007 Elite Blue team battled their way to being crowned as Summit Champions.

G2007 Elite Blue, DPL Summit Champions.
G2007 Elite Blue, DPL Summit Champions.


With only nine players available to make the trip, G2007 Elite Blue were already up against it before they even stepped on the field. Using Surf Nation to his advantage, Coach Pat McCue was able to bring guest players from our G2007 Elite White team as well as New England and Dallas Surf to help push for the trophy.

An opening 2-0 win in the quarterfinal launched the team into a matchup against reigning Summit Champions Sunrise Sting SC. In a tightly-contested semifinal, serial goalscorer Emma Kucal was able to latch onto a hopeful through-ball and slot the ball into the far corner past the onrushing goalkeeper, setting the stage for a final against City SC San Diego. A 2-0 win against the very talented City side secured the trophy for the group, an unbelievable accomplishment for Coach McCue and his team.

"The DPL Summit in Dallas, Texas was a thrilling event for our 2007 Girls Elite Blue Team, culminating in a hard fought victory," said McCue. "Despite heading to Texas with just 9 members of the team, our squad rose to the occasion, bolstered by the addition of 6 exceptional guest players from RI Surf G2007 Elite White, New England Surf, and Dallas Surf."

"Our path to victory was marked by outstanding performances and resilient teamwork. We secured impressive results throughout the tournament, including notable wins over Timbers North FC (2-0), 2023 DPL National Champion Sunrise Sting (1-0), and City FC San Diego in a tightly contested final (1-0). A key factor in our success was the tenacious defense displayed by our girls, who worked tirelessly to protect the goal throughout the weekend. Their efforts, coupled with superb goalkeeper play, resulted in an incredible achievement: zero goals conceded over the entirety of the tournament. In the final matches, our team showcased adaptability and tactical prowess, strategically absorbing pressure from City while capitalizing on counterattack opportunities. This approach proved decisive in securing the crucial victory and ultimately clinching the championship title."


After suffering defeat in their opening fixture at the hands of Charlotte Soccer Academy, our G2008 Elite Blue team's shot at becoming champions came to an unfortunate end. Determined to reverse their fortunes in the coming games, they used the wash-out to regroup, and more importantly, rediscover their form. 

After walking away from Tampa as bracket winners, the group knew there was a certain quality they had lacked in their opening contest. In their following two fixtures, they rose to the occasion with two victories over talented New England Surf and Spokane Sounders sides.

G2009 Elite in Dallas
G2009 Elite in Dallas


Another side that managed to leave Tampa as bracket winners, G2009 Elite had a different look as they stepped onto the field in Dallas. With a few members of their squad unable to make the trip, it was to be an uphill climb towards the trophy.

Following defeat in their first fixture against Sunrise Sting SC, the group managed to put in a better performance in their second match against Florida Hawks, but still fell short 2-1. On their last day in Dallas, the girls rallied and defeated Arizona SC 2-1 courtesy of a last-minute winner by midfielder Eiley Simmons.

Coach Martin Yarumian had this to say about his team's time in the Lone Star State, "The DPL Summit was a good platform for our teams to kick off our spring season. Our 2009 Elite girls received quality competition in all three games and were able to bond off the field as well. As the tournament went on, the girls played better and better and that was one of our goals. We will now shift our focus to the league and hope to hit the ground running. All in all, it was a great experience in Dallas."

G2010 Elite in Dallas
G2010 Elite in Dallas


Despite facing disappointment at their opening fixture being cancelled, our G2010 Elite team had a strong display in Texas. A convincing 7-1 win in their opening match was followed by a 1-1 draw to fellow Surf Nation club Walnut Creek.

After managing to win the Surf Nation Champions League in February, the group continued to push onwards and continue their upward trajectory in terms of both form and development.

Speaking on their weekend, Coach Luis Rabielli said, "The Dallas Summit was a fantastic experience for our team. We engaged in two competitive games, which I believe will serve as valuable preparation for our upcoming league play. I'm immensely proud of our group and eagerly anticipate what the near future holds for us."


With their first game also being cancelled due to rain, our G2011 Elite team was eager to get on the pitch in Dallas. Despite losing a cagey opening game 1-0, the girls remained optimistic going into their second and final match of the competition.

That optimism was evident in their result, as they walked away 5-0 winners, putting in an impressive display that saw them through to a 1-1 record on the weekend. 

Speaking on his teams' performances (both G2008 Elite Blue and G2011 Elite), Coach Jim McGirr left Texas with a positive outlook on the months ahead, "The DPL did a great job of adjusting to make sure we had the best opportunity to compete in the safest manner possible. This Summit was still another enjoyable opportunity to compete, playing teams all the way from Spokane, WA to Charlotte, NC. We got off to a difficult start but finished strong, coming home with victories and a better feeling towards our preparation for the Spring. We will now look forward to that!"

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